Why Choosing First Class Is A Good Idea On An Overnight Flight

If you're booking a work trip and there's an option to take an overnight flight, doing so has lots of advantages. It doesn't affect the workday at either end of the flight, and given that you'll likely be asleep for much of the journey, the flight may feel as though it's passing quickly for you. If your company gives you the option of occasionally booking first class fares, it's strongly worth considering this type of booking when you'll be flying overnight. There might be a part of you that is concerned about missing some of the first class perks by being asleep, but here are some reasons that a first class ticket is smart on an overnight flight.

More Comfort For Sleeping

While it's true that you can sleep in an economy class seat, doing so is often uncomfortable. If you plan to sleep during the flight, being in the first class section will provide much more comfort. The seats are wider on many airplanes, which can make a big difference as you shift your body to find a comfortable position. Additionally, you'll have more legroom, which will either allow you to stretch your legs out in front of you while you sleep or to turn to your side and bend your legs a little. Each of these positions can be challenging in economy class, especially if you're tall.

Fewer Children

Being close to a toddler who is crying or screaming a lot can definitely make your flight unpleasant, but when these noises are getting in your way of being able to sleep, it can be a downright frustrating situation. One nice thing about being in first class is that there will be fewer children around you. In fact, it's common not to see a single child in the entire first class section. This means that the area around you will be quieter, which can help you to sleep soundly.

Fewer People

Children aren't the only people who can prevent you from sleeping well on an airplane. When you're surrounded by people in economy class, you'll not only hear a few conversations — even overnight — but you'll also be aware of people walking back and forth past you as they make their way to the bathroom. Sometimes, people in your row will need to use the bathroom, which will disrupt you as you sleep. First class sections are smaller, which means that there will be fewer people around you to disrupt you in these ways.

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