The Art of Corporate Travel Planning

Dealing with corporate travel planning needs can be a difficult task under the best of circumstances. In addition to ordering tickets and setting up an itinerary, you may have to do a million little things that are specific to just that one trip. Corporate travel management can be tricky, but a bit of preparedness can go a long way toward easing your troubles.

Have Equipment Ready

As tempting as it is to assume you'll be able to obtain anything extra you need when you get where you're going, it's not the best idea. Items may be sold out or not available. You may be faced with problems overseas dealing with differences in power adapters.

Put together a list of all the support you'll need for the trip. This means making sure that cell phones, computers, and tablets are all in order. It's also wise to take a few spares.

Bring all the essential materials with you. If you need stands for presentations, for example, it's best to have those included with your luggage rather than hoping you can find something at a store. When possible, try to pre-assemble as much of these items, too. This will reduce the risk that you'll be assembling something 5 minutes before a meeting.

Understand Everyone's Medical Needs

Once you get to a certain size of group, it's virtually assured that you'll be dealing with folk's medical needs. This includes stuff like allergy pills, medication, and other things to treat conditions they have. You should identify where you can acquire medical items and prescriptions when you get to your destination. It's also smart to put together a first aid kit.


You should go out of your way to verify that everyone has all the documentation they need to travel. This includes things like ID cards, evidence that they work for your company, passports, and tickets. If there's anything specific that'll be needed at your destination, such as passes for moving around a convention center, make sure all party members are in possession of these, too. Should there be concerns about paying for stuff while out, you may want to acquire corporate credit cards or travelers' checks that can be utilized to handle transactions. You'll also want to identify the best place to handle exchanging currency so team members will have some flexibility if they want to do something like get dinner or go sightseeing.

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