6 Great Places To Enjoy Stunning Views Of Jamaica

Jamaica is an island paradise that often gets lost in its own hype. But, in truth, Jamaica is more than just Bob Marley and Reggae. It's an amazing island with gorgeous views everywhere you look. 

To help you plan your Jamaica getaway, here are 6 of the best views on the island.

Blue and John Crow Mountains

This UNESCO World Heritage Site features incredible mountain and jungle views. It's filled with lush rainforests and exotic plants, and the best way to see it is on a four wheel drive tour through the undeveloped terrain. Don't miss the view from the top of Blue Mountain Peak!

Blue Hole

The incredible waterfalls at Blue Hole near Ocho Rios is an island must-see. Start with a visit to the inviting turquoise waters of the main Blue Hole where you can swim and lounge to your heart's content. Once you've frolicked for a while and watched divers take their plunges, take a short walk to the larger waterfall just upstream from the famous Blue Hole. 

Negril Beach

You can't go to Jamaica without a trip to the beautiful ocean beaches. One of the best is commonly called Seven Mile Beach, but it's officially known as Negril Beach. Negril Beach often makes the lists of the best Caribbean beaches and boasts excellent diving and snorkeling. Top off your day with a sunset viewing in the evening perched on Negril Cliffs just beyond. 

Martha Brae River

Looking for a scenic and romantic getaway? Try the Martha Brae River. Local guides take visitors on a slow, romantic rafting tour along several miles of this picturesque jungle waterway. Learn about island history and lore, enjoy a sweet picnic at the embarkation area, and swim in the clear waters. 

Devon House

A must-see on most visitors' lists in Jamaica, the mansion built by Jamaica's first black millionaire is an amazing background for any activity. Built around 1881, Devon House mansion is preserved as a testament to the finest in 19th Century island luxury. If you like this view, you can rent the mansion for a wedding or other event. 

Reach Falls

If you want another stunning waterfall backdrop, check out Reach Falls in the John Crow Mountains. Stand under the rushing cascade, lounge in the natural heart-shaped springs, and explore fascinating underwater caves. Reach Falls is a hidden gem that will truly get you away from it all.

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